Saturday, September 15, 2012

Silly - Avatard, the Last Derpbender? - UK

 Yes, shame on me, I haven't watched ANY 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' but this fan vid mess around by UK fans is HILARIOUS - from AmeCon 2012

Movie Magic - The Creatures of Cabin in the Woods

I didn't watch 'Cabin in the Woods' (cause I'm sheet scared of scary movies) but this interesting clip features all the random creatures they put in the elevator box scene which they shot against green screen

Check out the vid here on io9

Silly - Marvel Flash Mob in New York

You know the guys who did the 'Mortal Kombat flash mob'? Well they're BACK!!

Support their awesome super team called 'Super Zeroes'

Showcase - Cosplay Babes of Baltimore Con - USA

Alright alright Men, you can have your cosplay babes! XD

Comic Book Movie has a feature of the babes of Baltimore Con which took place Sept 8-9. And aww it's lovely indeed

UPDATE - sorry there were more pics I linked but something happened and they broke so you can just check em out on Comic Book Movie 


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Showcase - Male Cosplayers

It's a fact that most cosplayers are girls because you know, fashion and dressing up is more of a girl thing. However, there are a lot of guys who do the cosplay thing very well.

Photographing cosplayers IN JAPAN - How to not get yourself in trouble

I was fortunate enough to go to Winter Comiket in December 2 years ago and was quite surprised to hear from my brother that they do not allow video recording of any kind at such events because privacy, to Japanese people, is very important.

Cosplay 101 - How To Start Cosplaying (and not end up looking like crap)

This is an old article but a great one that was recommended by a friend

It was written by Sarcasm-hime back in 2007 but I believe the info is still relevant today

Spotlight - Yuegene Fay - Thailand

Cosplay Gen, the insanely awesome online cosplay webzine has just published an interview of Thai cosplayer, Yuegene Fay

Fay specializes in Visual Kei and bishounen type characters

Silly - Dance Robot Dance! - Dragon Con

Cosplayers boogie down when a party robot comes to play! @ Dragon Con

Intriguing - High Fashion Cosplay? - Avengers & Dr Who

Fashionably Geek reports that a bunch of fans found at Dragon Con made themselves dresses based on these fun Avengers fashion concept art!

Trailer - Biohazard: Damnation CG film

Holy Schnitzel! What I like about Capcom and Sony is they don't give up on the CG movies. I'm personally not a fan of hyper real CG movies but hey, people love it, they'll keep making it.

Check out the new trailer for 'Biohazard: Damnation' featuring English voice actors and etc.

Looks good!

Silly - Cosplayers doing quirky things - France

 It's official, French peeps are quirky and that's why we all luv em for it : )

Here's a silly vid of Cosplayers at a mini event in Paris called 'Festival Harajuku'

Spotlight - Mass Effect Aliens - USA

Commander Shepards, Shepards EVERYWHERE! So what did a bunch of Mass Effect fans decide to do instead? THE ALIENS!

Intriguing - Cosplay Deviants Card Game

Players of Final Fantasy 8 will remember that card game 'Triple Triad' found as a mini game within the world.

An indie organisation that calls themselves 'Cosplay Deviants' has come up with a sexy cosplay themed card game based on Triple Triad rules.

Rules explained in this video. (don't mind the bow chica wow wow music...)

Upcoming Convention - New York Comic Con

The next big con happening in US is the New York Comic Con happening October 11-14! They'll not just have local US guests but international Anime guests like Danny Choo, Yoshitaka Amano (THE Final Fantasy illustrator) and Asakawa Yu (voice actress of Makoto from Love Hina and a few other voices)

There's really going to be A LOT of very awesome guests there, Heck DRACO MALFOY  (Tom Felton) from Harry Potter is even gonna be there!

Buy your passes! Pre-orders running out soon!

Prop Maker Spotlight - Skirata Arms - Mandalorian Helmet Specialist

Lots of Star Wars fans LOVE Mandalorians, the race of helmet-wearing warriors that look like iconic villain, Boba Fett

Skirata Arms is a guy who loves making Mandalorian helmets and by george, he's good at making em.

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