Saturday, October 6, 2012

Silly - Commercial Halloween Outfits - Commercialism

Yeah so Halloween is at the end of the month and people who don't usually cosplay decide to wear something to a costume party... and 'claim' they're cosplaying

Halloween outfits are in no way near to the quality of proper cosplay and I understand regular folk want to wear affordable costumes to parties, which is fine by me but yeah, what joo pay is what joo get.

Io9 gathered all sorts of commercial costumes sold on the are some interesting ones

Ok so you won't look as badass as Charlize Theron (Snow White & the Huntsmen costumes)

Uh. Ok. So I guess you're Bat Girl...?
Hey its the Latex Gimp Suit Guy from 'American Horror Story'! O_O

Photography - Need Models? Crash a Costume Party! - Von Wong Photography

FStoppers popped this cool post up - Do you need models for a photoshoot? Just crash a costume party/ Cosplay event!

Von Wong, a Canadian based photographer shows you how his shoot went at a Victorian theme costume party.

Check his behind the scenes video below!

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