Friday, November 2, 2012

EXTREME PHOTOSHOOT! - X-men's Jean Grey - BGZ Studios

This is just ABSOLUTELY NUTS. BGZ studios, great photography studio decided to do a Jean Grey Dark Phoenix photoshoot. WITH FIRE. Like literally set her gloves on fire and take photos.

Watch this amazing behind the scenes video of how it was done. PLEASE NOTE THIS WAS DONE BY PROFESSIONALS.

BGZ Studios - Blazing Phoenix Photoshoot BTS from Landon Donoho on Vimeo.

Showcase - Celebrities in Halloween Costumes...?

Jane Lynch as her Wreck-It-Ralph character, Sgt Calhoun
Today is actual Halloween in the US and everyone's in on it, even celebrities. Naturally.

Here are some of the best celebrities in Halloween gear

Kim Karshidan as Catwoman
Avril Lavigne as a naughty sailor
Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward as Jane Lane and Daria
Neil Patrick Harris and partner do Wizard of Oz with their kids!
Gisele Bundchen as Cleopetra
Heidi Klum in something Eygptian
Nathan Fillion as Captain Canada!
Ellen Degeneres as Sofia Vergara!
That's Calista Flockheart and Harrison Ford as nerds. BELIEVE IT.
Chloe Moretz goes goth!

Seth Green and Claire Grant do Joker and Harley

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