Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Showcase - License 2 Play and 'End of Year' 2012 - Singapore

First things first: CONGRATULATIONS TO CRIMSON for winning GRAND CHAMPION at the Cosgames at 'License 2 Play' game con! And also to Angelus for winning the best Western Cosplay Title at the Cosgames too!! Well done you guys! SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU!

Crimson as Tyrael from Diablo 3
Angelus as Syndra from League of Legends

Annnd here are some of the AWESOME photos shot at License 2 Play and End of Year 2012

License 2 Play (L2P) - Marina Bay Sands Expo

Vincent Valentine from FF7 (darywilliam)

Ragna the Blood Edge -guy and girl versions (Tenjin-kai and Anuhesut)

Fate Zero - Berserker

Sawada Tsunayoshi from Hitman Reborn!
Macross F (viospace)

Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie from FF7

The Military Guys
Borderlands 2 Guy and Girl!
Kamen Rider
Booth Babe?
Edea from FF8!

End of Year (EOY) - Marina Barrage

Senki Zessho Symphogear
ADVENTURE TIME! Ice King KO - full credits here

Momogumi Senki
Titania from Sword Art Online

Hatsune Miku


Aww well done everyone! Wish I was there to see it all!

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