Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cosplay 101 - How To Start Cosplaying (and not end up looking like crap)

This is an old article but a great one that was recommended by a friend

It was written by Sarcasm-hime back in 2007 but I believe the info is still relevant today

In a quick summary of what she says

1. Please use good IMAGE REFERENCE

2. Give yourself TIME and Enough PREPARATION

3. Choose the RIGHT FABRIC

4. If you're making your outfit - Choose something OF YOUR SKILL LEVEL

5. Choose an outfit THAT SUITS YOU

6. Don't forget to make YOUR HAIR up too!

7. ANKLE LENGTH HAIR only looks fine IN ANIME

8. Good Make Up can also boost your overall costume

9. Don't ignore FOOTWEAR

10. Sexy + Cheap = TRASHY

11. PLEASE POSE when people want to take your picture

Check out the rest of her article here


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