Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Showcase - Winter Comiket 2012 - Tokyo Japan

K-ON Girls
Ahh Comiket. The Comic Con of Japan but even LARGER and MORE INSANE.

I remember going to Comiket, 2 years ago in 2010 during off peak period and it was STILL PACKED AND CRAZY.

Comiket stands for 'Comic Market' which is a huge convention for all things Manga - fan drawn Manga in particular. (the funny thing is probably 90% of fan drawn manga is porn. But you don't have to buy the porn ones obviously)

the 'Cosplay Zoo' (as I affectionately like to call it), is the area where Cosplayers are allowed to pose and do their thing. Some people really love to camwhore here wearing pretty skimpy stuff in the middle of winter..

Anywayz, here are some of the awesome cosplayers spotted at Winter Comiket 2012

Great photos from Figure.fm here 
Most of the lovely pics from French website, Adala News

Wait, isn't that Kusuma Yayoi the fashion designer? LMAO!

Chi from Chobits
It's a..Tachikoma girl? (the tank from Ghost in the Shell TV series)
The Sega Saturn Squad?

Sword Art Online Kirito
More Sword Art Asuna

Tiger and Bunny
Crazy outfit!

Holy Krackers! An Evangelion 01!
Vector from Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
SANDROCK GUNDAM!! - Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Hey mr Smiley face guy
Ms McDonalds!

Mascot things
Lovely pic
Nice group shot!
Hobo guy!??!
Dragon Ball!
Tiger from Tiger and Bunny

Crazy amount of ammo you have there bub

Team Saint Seya!
Metal Gear Solid Duo

errr huh?
Dan Bo! From Yotsubato
More Dragon Ball!

The NEET squad. This is an inside joke with NEET being - not in education, employment or training.

What in the

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome to 2013!!


Welcome to 2013!

I'll be starting my brand new job tomorrow and will have a life again : D

January is a rather quiet month for conventions but I'll be posting up good ol articles on Cosplay and all sortsa stuff!

I believe Winter Comiket in Japan took place Dec 29th! I'll stick up some pics in a bit so you can see the AWESOMENESS of JP cosplay (my brother had a chance to go, lucky duck)

Else, I have some cosplans in the works and will continue to keep the flag flying for this blog as best as I can.

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