Thursday, December 6, 2012

Silly - Who you Calling a Fake Geek Girl? - Dork Tower Webcomic

The lovely Team Unicorn stuck this up on their twitter feed

If you don't read Dork Tower, it's basically a webcomic by John Kovalic (Artist of Munchkin) about all things geeky. (table top games, geek culture, game stores etc.)

Upcoming Cons - License 2 Play & 'End of Year' - Singapore

Yeah yeah, I haven't been updating much but anywayz, for busy folk: This weekend in Singapore is DOUBLE CON WEEKEND.

Game con - License 2 Play (L2P) happening at Marina Bay Expo

Lovely promo art by Stanley 'ArtGerm' Lau of Imaginary Friends Studios

And 'End of Year' / EOY Cosplay Con at Marina Barage

They're basically both FREE OF CHARGE to enter and it depends if you want a more game con or cosplay con I suppose. OR YOU COULD GO TO BOTH!

Happening this weekend Dec 8 and Dec 9

I unfortunately can't go as I'll be working the weekend XD

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