Friday, September 14, 2012

Silly - Cosplay Memes - Facebook

Started in August 27 of this year, Cosplay Memes is a hilarious collection of cosplay related 'pics with funny slogans' that now has 600 likes and growing! Every day, people submit more memes to add to the building collection of images and it only gets more and more popular each day!

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Adam Jay Photoshoot

Adam Jay, Superhero photographer extraordinaire, strikes again with his brilliant portraits of Cosplayer, Jenn Croft, as busty adventurer, Lara Croft from the 'Tomb Raider' game series

Movie Magic - The Puppet Horses of 'War Horse'

So 'War Horse' is a movie about Joey the horse in WW1. As much as we like to believe that they used real animals for every scene and shot, nope, there were lots of puppet horses.

Underwire featured this great 'Behind the Scenes' look of the how they made puppet horses for 'War Horse'

Prop-making Tip - How To Make Fake Flesh

You've watched all those Zombie movies and TV shows like Walking Dead and etc. and you kind of wonder: Man, how did they make all that fake meat?

Photography Tips - Shooting & Lighting Female Models

FStoppers, an AMAZING website that talks about all things photography and camera tech, put up a really neat post on 'Shooting & Lighting Female Models' written by Joey L.

Silly - Mascot Sumo Wrestling - Japan

Mascots are a part of cosplay too and you know what's even better? MASCOT SUMO WRESTLING.

Its Lion Head Gray Face VS GIANT Chicken.

I bet on the GIANT CHICKEN.

Japanese Variety Shows are AWESOME
There's also other Mascot Sports!!

Silly - Deadpool Gangnam Style!

Just watch already!

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