Friday, September 21, 2012

Amazing - Tilt Shift Singapore Video - Singapore Pride!

For those of you who don't know, I'm from Singapore. We're a tiny island in South East Asia and we're hosting the Singapore F1 Grand Prix race this weekend! (you know those cars seen in Iron Man 2, the one that Whiplash tore up? That's an F1 car)

Found At The Con - Tokyo Game Show Day 1

It's TGS Time! Rocket News reports on the cutesy booth babes and cool cosplayers found at the games con

Things look kinda conservative cause you know, TGS is supposed to be about showcasing and selling games, not about cosplayers, though they are an added flavor to the show

Here's some pics! Also, Yaya Han and Riddle are at TGS now so you'll probably be seeing some pics of theirs on their twitter/ FB

Phantasy Star

Hey! It's Magic the Gathering!
Tons more, go see the rest of the pics here


WOW. I'm really REALLY GOBSMACKED. I started CosKulture 1 WEEK ago and amazingly enough, the site has reached 1000+ hits! (and no, it wasn't me refreshing the page a lot)

PLEASE spread the word! Tell your cosplay loving friends to check out the blog!

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Also, tell me what you guys want to see more on the blog? More...

Anime stuff?
Game stuff?
Silly videos?

Let me know!

Also if you have any suggestions on how to further improve things, drop me a mail above yo!

Upcoming Cons - Cons of Sept /Oct 2012

Hi all,

Sorry I've been quiet, it's just that I've been trying to compile as many cons as I can that take place round the world. HOLY CRAP there are SO MANY CONS in U.S, it's CRAZY!

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