Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apologies for the Mess! - Blog Template Fixed

Hi all, sorry for the mess, was switching template and had to fix some images and stuff. I think the new template looks better, only thing is it doesn't like portrait images so..

Event - Fantasy Quest II - Philippines

Inquirer Lifestyle Philippines just wrote this great article about a mini event that just took place - Fantasy Quest II at Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City. They interviewed a bunch of cosplayers, Jerry Polence and more! They even have a video here of the event supplied by Studio Omoshiroi

Check out the full article here. 

Photography - The Photo Assistant's Handbook - FREE EBOOK

So you love photography as in really REALLY love photography and you wanna learn how to go pro but stuff isn't quite working out for you. Have you considered being a 'Photo Assistant?'

Photoshelter, has this FREE Ebook on being a Photo Assistant which means you aid photographers in getting their job done AND you get to learn some of their tricks of the trade, their connections, their tips etc.

Its really great how there's all this free info all around so make the most of it! Download the guide here. I took a look and its just full of INSANELY AWESOME stuff.

Photo Shoot - The Costume Impersonators of LA

You've seen them on the 'Walk of Fame' in LA, posing for tourists and kids. You know they're not really cosplayers but they're there, doing their thing.

1 photographer, Nicolas Silberfaden, decided to make a statement with his photos by gathering these guys together and just let them be sad.

Upcoming Con - Animania Festival Sydney - Sept 22-23

 Happening in the land 'Down Unda' this weekend is Animania Fest in Sydney. These guys have been doing it for years and have all sorts of wicked events going on throughout the con

Food Fairs
Cosplay HQ section
Dance mini games
Autographs and more!

So if you're hopping about in Aussieland, be sure to check out the con!

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