Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spotlight - Yuegene Fay - Thailand

Cosplay Gen, the insanely awesome online cosplay webzine has just published an interview of Thai cosplayer, Yuegene Fay

Fay specializes in Visual Kei and bishounen type characters

She's been at it for 12 years apparently and expresses her passion for Visual Kei music

"I love listening to almost all genres of music, especially the Visual Kei music. Not only the songs are virtually powerful, but also the artists. I’ve first listened to X-Japan’s songs, and my favorite artist was Hide. I am in love with his distinctiveness, as well as with his songs. At that moment, I wasn’t interested in cosplay yet. Later, I began listening to Dir en Grey, since I heard that Yoshiki from X-Japan was a co-producer. After I started, I couldn’t stop anymore. I have always been a big fan of this band, and what impressed me even more was their live performance. I can fully say that it is super-awesome; I love them, and from that time on, Toshiya became my hero."

More super awesome photos from her portfolio

As Toshiya from 'Dir En Grey' band
Duncan from 'Dream Doll' band

Sin from 'Guilty Gear 2' game

Check out her interview with Cosplay Gen here. And there's more photos too!


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