Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prop Making 101 - Handy Tips from Blind Squirrel Props

Yoko's (Gurren Laggen) Rifle by Blind Squirrel Props
Volpin Props, one of the BEST prop makers in the cosplay scene, recommended this handy 'Prop Making 101' page by the guy who inspired him to make props, Blind Squirrel Props!

I'll just quickly stick the main points of the article here

1. Start building stuff from the inside out

2. Build basic shapes first than worry bout details later

3. Do not glue anything unless you really have to

4. Don't let the unknown stop you from making stuff, it'll figure itself out mid way.

5. If stuff's not working, don't be afraid to re-build things

6. Do not be afraid, take things 1 step at a time

7. Don't buy tools or supplies until you need it. (cause it sucks when you waste money unnecessary) 

8. Work to a schedule!

9. Ask if you're not sure! - forum people are quite helpful!

10. If someone can do it, you can too! 

11. PATIENCE. Have lots of it!

12. Mistakes are inevitable, you don't suck just because you made a mistake


I think this goes the same with any project not just prop building. Stuff listed here can be applied to anything from a costume to an animation project to 3D modeling! Pretty insightful

I was struggling with a visual effects project for the past month and was really putting it off for weeks until it came down to the final week where I did get it done and hey, it wasn't so bad.

It was really strange because I experienced the exact same problem when I was doing my animation project in college. And I thought I'd be smarter 6 years from now. But no, it was like re-living my college project again.

I'd start out with this really awesome idea, make a schedule, start the project, realize there are so many issues that I just get overwhelmed and not do anything and than rush at the last moment. It's horrible to work like that. It gets things done but obviously not to the standard I'd envision it and my head will compromise and trick itself into saying 'hey, at least you finished' but that's not what it should be.

Then I found this image in the book 'Steal Like An Artist' by Austin Kleon and suddenly. OMG. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS PROBLEM?

 And then suddenly, the heavens opened and I realized that EVERYONE has this problem when they work on a project!

I think the guys who know this are the guys who supass this life cycle and then, this chart doesn't apply to them anymore because they're SO GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO. But they experienced it many times BEFORE they got awesome!

So don't be afraid to just get started, you will make mistakes and you will mess up, but its' TOTALLY NORMAL.

Get this book, it's REALLY AWESOME. It made me see a lot of things and yes, art is theft.

Event - Resident Evil 6 Launch Party - Hollywood CA

Resident Evil 6, the latest installment of the Resident Evil game franchise releases this Friday!

Capcom has posted up an event notice on their blog. The party will be at:

When: Friday, September 28th 8pm-12am
Where: LURE - 1439 Ivar Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028
Musical Guest: NAS
Opening act: Miles Mosley
How much: FREE!
Note: Must be 21 or older.

Man! That sounds rad! Come on cosplayers, boogie down there! 
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