Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS! And Happy Holidays everyone!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy Holidays everyone! More awesome stuffs to come in the year

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I've been SUPER BUSY. And HIT 20 000 views!

Sup y'all! I haven't been updating cause I've been INSANELY busy at work at the game store till the end of the month.

I will however be having a normal schedule from January 2013 onwards (yay weekends again!) and I will update proper.

I know.. there's tons of awesome cons and things going on and I haven't been able to post up stuff or go to them. : (

But when I'm free I'll post up something.

Good news: The blog has hit 20, 000 views!! WHOO HOO!! Thanks y'all for supporting, dropping by, checking out pics etc.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Showcase - License 2 Play and 'End of Year' 2012 - Singapore

First things first: CONGRATULATIONS TO CRIMSON for winning GRAND CHAMPION at the Cosgames at 'License 2 Play' game con! And also to Angelus for winning the best Western Cosplay Title at the Cosgames too!! Well done you guys! SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU!

Crimson as Tyrael from Diablo 3
Angelus as Syndra from League of Legends

Annnd here are some of the AWESOME photos shot at License 2 Play and End of Year 2012

License 2 Play (L2P) - Marina Bay Sands Expo

Vincent Valentine from FF7 (darywilliam)

Ragna the Blood Edge -guy and girl versions (Tenjin-kai and Anuhesut)

Fate Zero - Berserker

Sawada Tsunayoshi from Hitman Reborn!
Macross F (viospace)

Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie from FF7

The Military Guys
Borderlands 2 Guy and Girl!
Kamen Rider
Booth Babe?
Edea from FF8!

End of Year (EOY) - Marina Barrage

Senki Zessho Symphogear
ADVENTURE TIME! Ice King KO - full credits here

Momogumi Senki
Titania from Sword Art Online

Hatsune Miku


Aww well done everyone! Wish I was there to see it all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Silly - Who you Calling a Fake Geek Girl? - Dork Tower Webcomic

The lovely Team Unicorn stuck this up on their twitter feed

If you don't read Dork Tower, it's basically a webcomic by John Kovalic (Artist of Munchkin) about all things geeky. (table top games, geek culture, game stores etc.)

Upcoming Cons - License 2 Play & 'End of Year' - Singapore

Yeah yeah, I haven't been updating much but anywayz, for busy folk: This weekend in Singapore is DOUBLE CON WEEKEND.

Game con - License 2 Play (L2P) happening at Marina Bay Expo

Lovely promo art by Stanley 'ArtGerm' Lau of Imaginary Friends Studios

And 'End of Year' / EOY Cosplay Con at Marina Barage

They're basically both FREE OF CHARGE to enter and it depends if you want a more game con or cosplay con I suppose. OR YOU COULD GO TO BOTH!

Happening this weekend Dec 8 and Dec 9

I unfortunately can't go as I'll be working the weekend XD

Monday, December 3, 2012

Showcase - New Orleans Comic Con - USA

Vriska Serket (InvaderBlonde)

I've been quiet for a bit cause I have been really busy with work (6 days a week) and it's a bit quiet on the Cosplay con front since December is holiday month.

However! It was New Orleans Comic Con over the weekend and that's a fun one to check out!

Seems there's not many good pics now, will add more tonight.

Ulala from Space Channel 5!!

Sith and Imperial Officer Triple Threat!

Catwoman says hi
The babelicious Yaya Han as Power Girl

Leia Boursh vs General Grievous
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