Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photographing cosplayers IN JAPAN - How to not get yourself in trouble

I was fortunate enough to go to Winter Comiket in December 2 years ago and was quite surprised to hear from my brother that they do not allow video recording of any kind at such events because privacy, to Japanese people, is very important.

Rocket News, a popular Japanese culture website, reports the things you can and can't do when you're taking photos of cosplayers in Japan

In summary of the article

1. Take photos. DO NOT VIDEO ANYONE

2. COSPLAYERS ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL MODELS. You can't direct them and ask them to pose a certain way etc. (unless you specifically paid them for photo shoots etc.)

3. Some events you need PERMITS before you're allowed to take photos of cosplayers

4. Please ask before you take someone's photo (But of course there will be lots of latcher ons who don't do this.)

5. Don't be a TIME ROBBER. Take the photo, or a couple and move on

here's an extra one I'm going to add in

6. Please don't take pictures of cosplayers ON THEIR SMOKE BREAK. (it's funny but its out of character and not fitting)

And of course there's the please ask before you upload photos online but if you're a foreigner then I guess you won't really need to ask them.

Full article here


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