Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photography 101 - Really Useful Guide

What can I say, this image is SO USEFUL


Inspiration - From Flab to Fab - Shea Standefer

Shea Standefer, an avid Star Wars cosplayer did this very brave thing last week.
She decided to show a Before and After picture of herself.

Cosplay On Cheap - Dr Ocktopus Costume

Instructables is such a fun website. It teaches one all sorts of stuff from baking to DIY home repair to..making cosplay outfits!

Movies to Cosplay - September

So there's lots of movies coming out that have awesome costumes to cosplay

Resident Evil: Retribution

Spotlight - Diablo 3 Cosplay - Singapore

Demon Hunters - Crimson and Angelus (Photo by Nicholas Vax)

I tell ya man, Cosplay in Singapore keeps getting better and better. Here's a showcase of the INSANELY AWESOME Diablo 3 cosplay of Singapore

Here's miragecld in a Diablo suit he made himself.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Shoot - Shiro Ang

Shiro Ang is an internationally renowned cosplay photographer from Singapore who specializes in AMAZING cosplay photography. When Cosplay celeb, Yaya Han, was in Singapore for 'International Cosplay Day Singapore' on August 26, he grabbed her and a bunch of friends to do an Arkham Asylum shoot at 'Ngee Ann Polytechnic'. Here are the INSANELY AWESOME photos from that shoot!

Oppa Dragon Con! - Cosplayers do 'Gangnam Style'

If you haven't seen Korean pop sensation's 'Gangnam Style', you really HAVE been living under a rock for the past month!

Dragon Con ended 2 weeks ago but hey, the convention high doesn't end even though the con's over.

'Gangnam Style' and Cosplayers = Heck yeah!

Welcome to Cosplay Kulture - All the Cosplay News You Could Possibly Want!

Welcome to Cosplay Kulture - Gathering all the cosplay news, photos, videos of all the Cosplay AWESOMENESS you could possibly want, and more!

I love Cosplay. And I love looking at ALL things cosplay. Why should I go ALL over the net just to find the stuff I like? It should all be IN ONE PLACE! And thus this news blog, was born.

No news in this post cause all the other posts will be of news, photos, and other awesome stuff from all over the web!

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