Thursday, January 3, 2013

JP Cosplay Culture - Interesting Things About JP Cosplay Culture

 Kotaku has stuck a pretty neat article about JP cosplayers, the hidden culture and something interesting: They are impressed with foreigners who cosplay

According to the article, JP cosplay culture has a 'respect' level too:

1. Cosplayers who make their own outfits Vs Cosplayers who buy outfits from the store
Considered not cool by hardcore cosplayers

The TRUE cosplayers always believe in making their own outfits instead of getting them off the rack at the store with the believe that you're being more hardcore and love your character more if you make the outfit.

2. Cosplayers who act in character Vs Cosplayers who just like the character's outfit

Nuff said. There's more respect in geek/ cosplay circles if you BECOME the character rather than just wear the outfit.

3. Noob Cosplayers should not try to outshine Veteran Cosplayers.

In Japan, hierarchy is a very big deal. It's same at work, it's same with family and junior-senior stuff is taken very seriously. Like you can't say 'SUP YO!' to your boss, senior at school, or your grandma or your senior co-worker. Same goes in Cosplay. If you're new to the scene, it is expected that you respect the more veteran cosplayers and not outshine them until you're more established kind of thing.

4. JP Cosplayers do look up to Good Foreign Cosplayers

Cuz you know, only a Caucasian guy can pull this off

This is because they know that they can't pull off certain looks even if they tried their darnest and totally respect foreigners who can pull off good cosplay just cause well, they're born that way.

It's interesting cause a lot of the hierarchy stuff is actually the same in Singapore and I think internationally too. (the how hardcore of a cosplayer are you etc.)

Go read the full article on Kotaku


Jacob Y Granger said...

Great article! I had no idea that the hierarchy system came into play with Japanese cosplay. It makes sense with the culture but it's good to know.

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