Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cosplay Tips - How To Pose Better

Shauna Leva, who's done great cosplay like 'Sheik' from the Zelda series gives some words of advice on how to pose better.

She says on 'NerdCalibre'

"start off by drawing the poses that you want to enact. Not too many, start with three or four. When I say draw, I don’t mean that you have to be an artist. Just do a little stick figure doodle of different poses that you think would look cool. If they look good as a doodle on paper, they will probably look good in person. This is especially helpful for group cosplays because it allows you to get all the messy coordinating out of the way on paper, and it allows you to show people where to stand without showing them physically where to stand."

"What are some good rules for creating a good pose? Generally speaking you want to lift your limbs away from your body. The idea is to break up your silhouette to make your pose very readable in any light. Always lift your elbows beyond the point of feeling stupid, and spread your legs in an uncomfortable fashion as well. Typically the more uncomfortable you are, the better you look. Also always try to stretch while posing. If you are standing, elongate your neck and spine. If you are pointing, really point. Over articulate everything. If you are squatting, get really low until it burns. Which brings me to my next piece of advice: start doing squats. It will help you hold those low poses longer without shaking."

That pretty much makes sense! Yes and definitely good advice to do some yoga and exercise if not you kinda stiffen up when you pose or can't get into position right or get a cramp or something.

Shauna as X-23

Check out her full article here


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