Thursday, September 20, 2012

Showcase - World of Warcraft Cosplay

Lena-Lara as a Blood Elf Mage
You know, after all the Massive Multiplayer Online Games  I've played throughout my life time. I'm still in love with WoW. It's something about the characters, the universe, the humor, the style of playing that just excites me more than any other online game.

On Sept 25th, Blizzard will be launching their latest expansion to the game, Mists of Pandaria, where you get to play Pandarens! There will also be new areas and other fun things etc.

Anyway, let's just get to the badass cosplay photos shall we?

Gathered from all over the place.

Team Italia!
What a team! Full credits here

Orc girls are a rare breed! (can't find cosplayer name!)
Adorable Gnome Warlock! (Kong Kong)
Arthas Lich King (unknown. Dunno how legit this is but he should have a name if he's badass)
Vanessa Vancleef! (ZerinaX)
Mylune the Dryad! (ButtercupBrix)
EPIC Tauren suit! (Malkinius)
Maiev Shadowsong! (Mary Booth)
Deathwing! (Chris Lambert)
Noir, the Undead Rogue (Saurus)
Tier 5 Warlock Gear! (Crimson)
Tier 1 Rogue Gear! (Angelus)
MURLOCS! (Needlehop Strongbottom)
PANDAREN!! (unknown)
Pandaren!! (Unknown)
Troll Hunter! (Kudrel)
Nightelf Druid (Yuriko)

Goblin and his minion. TOO AWESOME. (Unknown)
Believe me, I'm sure there's TONS more floating out there! If you spot anymore, do let me know!


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