Monday, November 12, 2012

Moar Photos! - Anime Festival Asia - Singapore

 Let there be MOAR PHOTOS! Well done everyone and well done photographers! Believe me there are SO MANY AWESOME photos, I can't put them here to due limited space! Cosplay is super awesome here in SG!

Bad assery! (Crimson)

Is she a Prinny from Disgaea?


Team Ouran High School Host Club!
Whooooaaaa what is that?? XD
Burger King want nom nom... XD
Engineer class from Dragon's Next MMO
WE HAVE A DR WHO FAN IN THE HOUSE Wrong con but who cares
Team Furry! 4 are guests from Japan that specially flew down to attend AFA!

I think they're from Fairy Tale
Tuxedo Bane says hi!
Armor Saber!
Iron Man crashes the party. Cuz he can.
Lightning, hanging out. - Final Fantasy XIII


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