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Article - Survive a Con, while Cosplaying - Comic Impact

October is Con season and if you're a seasoned cosplayer, you probably already know the drill for surviving a con in your outfit. For those starting out, Comic Impact has a really good guide to help you enjoy the con in your outfit (and not burning out)

In summary:

1. Check your packing list, and TWICE! (if you don't have a list, use Cosplay Tutorial's UBER list and make one!)

2. Check your cosplay ref photos before you head out to make sure you don't forget to bring/wear clothing articles/ accessories

3. Don't forget civilian wear! - Being in costume is fun but sometimes not very comfortable. Note that in places like Asia/ Japan, civilians don't like to see people in costume traveling to a cosplay event. Generally the etiquette is change into outfit at the venue and change out when you're done.

4. Personal hygiene please! - deorderant, tissues to wipe your face with, hand sanitizer if you're very particular etc

5. Band Aids/ Plasters - walking around in certain shoes/ boots that aren't comfortable cause blisters and this can get VERY ANNOYING. Good to have plasters when you really need them.

6. BRING FOOD AND DRINKS - Snacky things, nuts, fruits, packed lunch etc. Save yourself some $$ and don't spend on theme-park priced convention food.

7. Bring a outfit repair kit - Sometimes stuff just happens, popped a button, spill on outfit. If you have a repair kit, that would help patch up your outfit instead of let it be a disaster.

8. Schedule your day - You can wander about aimlessly but you can also schedule which panels, booths you want to go to rather than just hover about.

9. Get a minder friend - Not all events have coat check ins/ baggage areas. Get a friend to hold your stuff for you rather than hold it all day. Minder friends are useful to make sure people don't step on your outfit or hit you or prevent people from stealing your stuff etc.

Extra tip, if you know a friend who has a art booth or something, you could leave your bag at his/her booth ^_^

10. Bring the camera! - don't forget to take photos at the event too!

Here are my additional tips

11. If you're a serious cosplayer, don't forget your cos cards! - Cos Cards are like Cosplay name cards that Japanese Cosplayers first came up with. It's good to pass them out to fans, other cosplayers and photographers so they can check out your portfolio of other outfits.

12. Give yourself a time frame to be in costume - as much as cosplayers love to be in costume, cosplay outfits are not exactly the most comfortable things to wear. Also, sometimes you don't want to be mobbed by photographers and the public all day that you can't enjoy the con. Give yourself maybe 2 hours to be in outfit, then change out and enjoy the rest of the con.

13. You don't have to go to every event day - Some people are really hardcore and want to go EVERY DAY OF THE CON from Friday - Sunday. Trust me, you will burn out and get ill. Pick your days carefully and just have fun. You don't have to go to ALL THE DAYS.

14. Don't forget to rest your feet! - Walking about at the con is tiring work. Seriously, 4 hours of standing can kill your legs. Don't forget to sit somewhere or get a drink or rest your feet somewhere.

15. You don't have to pose for photos for more than 5 min! - So you chose to wear that really cool Gundam suit, but now you're stuck standing there for over 5 min! It's ok to give a signal to everyone that you want to move on. People will understand.

16. GROSS! Pervert guy took an UPSKIRT photo! - Stuff like that does happen so to prevent upskirts, try wear a kind of bloomers or something. There are weird people at conventions. Believe me.

17. If you need to smoke, try do it somewhere far away or out of costume if possible. - As much as we like out-of-character cosplayers, sometimes smoking mario just kinda kills the image of the character.

18. Be cordial to everyone, don't turn down people who want to take your picture - Hey! You're in costume! People WILL take photos of you! Don't be shy and run away and stuff like that. Also, please don't be rude even if you're really tired or having a bad day or something. Even if people get your character wrong.

Check out the original Con Survival Guide list by Comic Impact


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