Monday, November 19, 2012

Hmmm - Danny Choo has started a Company in Singapore...?

Hmm so Danny Choo's latest blog post has stated he has just set up a company in Singapore.

As seen on this post

"I'm currently still in Singapore and will be here until the 21st - now that I've set up a company in Singapore, there is a lot to do to grow the business here. Anyway - stuff about the Singapore company comes in a different post."

I wonder what's he's up to.. hmm. Intriguing

Danny Choo really has come a long way. From the fish-out-of-water Asian kid born in East End, London who was passed from foster home to foster home, who used to get bullied, beat up a lot and then finding himself in Japan as well as diving into everything Anime. You've come a lonnng way bro. Good on you!

To know about Danny Choo, please read this post


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