Saturday, October 13, 2012

Upcoming Event - Zombie Cosplay Walk! - Oct 27 - Singapore

Hey Singapore peeps! Neo Tokyo Project is organizing a Zombie Cosplay Walk on Oct 27!

As stated on the event page

"The Neo Tokyo Project will be organizing this event for the first time this year, and it will be graciously supported by our friends from Fish & Co. Glasshouse (9 Penang Road), who have also promisedadditional cosplay friendly activities for participants who dine at Fish & Co. after the event.

The parade begins at 6.45 pm and ends 7.30 pm, but the venue will open for on-the-spot confirmation and preparations from 4 pm onwards.

There will also be stage games, a gaming competition featuring Lollipop Chainsaw brought to you by Robots Gone Bad, as well as a mini pageant for cosplayers.

Cosplayers who dare to brave the stage will be given the chance to win prizes including a PS3 Vita Game Console Bundle, a premium headset, and even a pair of Necomimi, also sponsored by Robots Gone Bad, as well as vouchers by Fish & Co."
They've also done a very cool promo video! See below


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