Thursday, October 18, 2012

Indie Spotlight - Food Cosplay?

Cosplay is usually about dressing up as your favorite character from a TV show, Game, Anime etc. Other than the odd guy who dresses up for laughs (tutu Halo muscle guy), there have been people who dress up as food brand mascots or food products, yummy edible things.

Ronald McSephiroth VS Colonel Strife?

That's My McMiku? : S

Wendy's Carl's Jr, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC.....?
Aqua Team Hunger Force!
Cereal Box Creature??!
Captain Crunch?!
Wonka Bar, Willy Wonka and kids!
A Tart dress?! Not bad!
Walking Onigiris?
Walking cup noodles with Naruto
She REALLY loves Dunkin Donuts
Optimus Pintmus!
This may be a problem if someone needs to go to the bathroom
With Carl's Jr and Jack in the Box guy
Mr California Roll
50s Diner Waitress? (KachieChanChu)
Mmm making me hungry! XD


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