Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Join in the Fun! - Fun Stuff to Wear to a Con

So maybe Cosplay is too expensive for your budget, but that doesn't mean you can't wear something to a con to join in with the festivities!

Here's some options that you could check out!

1. Wear a gamer/ anime/ comic book shirt - lots of people do this, it's cool to wear a shirt with your favorite pop culture stuff on it to a con. Show your geek pride!

2.  Wear special head gear - Neko ears, gamer hat, viking helmet, headband. The options are endless! You could even wear a wig!

3. Wear a funky mask - The Meme masks are pretty popular especially the troll face masks and I see tons of people wear them to a con and it really is quite funny. You can also wear something simple like a Bleach Hollow mask or even a pirate patch and that's still fun.

4. Wear a cool pop culture accessory! - A scarf, watch, tie, pair of earings, socks, shoes. Lesser stuff that hopefully isn't too expensive that's pop culture related. Special patches, pins, key chains etc.

5. You can even paint your face, temp tattoo - if you're feeling up to it : )

6. Girls, you can do your nails! - There's all sorts of pop culture related nails and things you can do on your own too!

I personally feel better when I something fun when I go to a con even if I'm a civilian just to join in, ya know?


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