Monday, September 17, 2012

Upcoming Con - Tokyo Game Show - Sept 22-23

This weekend in Tokyo is the big scale game con, the Tokyo Game Show. Lots of game showcases, demos, cosplayers and more! Note to cosplayers though - no skin exposing and no weapons!

See full rules after the jump

Check out the rules below! Found here

In summary

1. No civil service uniforms eg - police, military, cops, doctor coats etc.

2. No skimpy outfits - cover up EVERYTHING.

3. No controversial outfits - nazi stuff, racially sensitive stuff

4. No bulky outfits and stuff that inconveniences other people - no makeup that rubs on to others, bulky wings etc.

5. No long props that is over 50cm or more

6. No arms, guns, swords, chains

7. No props that have projectiles or can inflict damage on property - yoyos, rollerskates etc

8. No liquor, fuel, noisy items - cause you'll just be an annoyance to everyone and its dangerous.

So generally, I think its going to be ultra conservative in terms of cosplay but hey, rules are rules.

Check out the TGS page here!


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