Monday, September 17, 2012

Health Tips - F**k Calories FREE Ebook!

When I was in college, I was a World of Warcraft addict. I lived on cereal for breakfast and lunch and had fast food for dinner. I felt fat, horrible and just disgusting.

Then I chanced upon Krista Scott-Dixon's REALLY GREAT website called

Dr Krista is originally a PhD in Women's Studies but this bookworm turned fitness junkie is all about lifting weights and helping others get fit

One day she was SO FED UP of all the crap she's heard about fitness that she wrote 'Fuck Calories' a free Ebook for EVERYONE on how to live healthy, ignore the crap and trust me, follow this stuff and it'll set you down the right path to weight loss and overall health.

Here's some tips from her book. Paraphrased

1. Stop counting calories

2.  How you eat is more important than putting anything into your mouth

3. Please eat SLOWLY

4. Concentrate on JUST EATING. Don't do other stuff when you eat.

5. Ration portions. If you're a big sized person, eat from a big plate, smaller sized person, eat from a smaller plate.

6. Eat natural food, not highly processed junk

7. Please read food labels.

8. Buy the best food you can afford. Don't need to buy ultra fancy stuff, stuff you can afford!

9. Orange Juice is not really the same as eating an orange

10. Eat a rainbow of food - colorful foods are good for you.

Go get her Ebook. its AWESOME. AND FREE


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