Saturday, September 29, 2012

Showcase - Resident Evil Cosplay

It's Ada Wong! (Backlash Jo)
The latest Resident Evil game, RE6 is now available! Thought I'd go hunting for great Resident Evil cosplayers out there on the internets : )

Even though I'm too sh!t scared to play Resident Evil, I've always liked the iconic character designs from the series. Just dig the military look!

Another one of Ada (Backlash Jo)

Classic Jill Valentine (PriSuiCun)
Rebecca Chambers! (Itakoo)
ok I know Alice is from the RE movies but this just looks too cool (gbright1)
Albert Wesker (ShinobiHime)
Leon Kennedy and Ada from RE4 (Hopie-chan and her hot boyfriend!)
Gotta have some MONSTERS! (full credits here)

Bertha from RE Op Racoon City (VelaSama14)

Billy & Rebecca from RE 0 (SenninUzumaki & MuzzaThePerv)

Claire Redfield (MadeInHeaven1979)
RE5 Jill Valentine (WhiteLemon)
NEMESIS! (UMB241Reaper)

4 Eyes and Lupo (Rae Rae Reiko & Naxul)
It's William Birkin! (xxFireFrostxx)


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